Psychiatric Nurse Pracitioner, Master Massage Therapist

You can attend a scheduled live class or request a training date at your location. 

Arkansas & NCBTMB Approved CE Classes

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Classes

Ready to learn a modality that will give your hands a break? Ashiatsu Barefoot massage is a great way to grow your massage practice and help you stand out in your area. Ashiatsu massage allows the massage therapist to deliver deep pressure with the feet – the surface area of the foot makes it easier to tolerate more pressure – clients love it!

Online Courses

2 new online courses now available: Trauma-Informed Massage (6 hr) and The Psychology and Ethics of Touch (6 hr)- we still offer Understanding Autoimmuntity (4 hr) and Gut Health (3 hr) as well.

We have currently retired our online classes while we revamp our curriculum. 

If you have questions, please send us a message. 

***NEW CLASS  – Trauma-Informed Massage

This new live course is Arkansas and NCBTMB-approved. And we added an online option that’s Arkansas approved. 

Preventative Care

Massage therapy is highly effective for pain relief, but it is an amazing preventive therapy as well. Massage has also been shown through research to have a positive impact on a person’s mental health as well. 

26+ Years Experience

Twenty-six years in the field of massage therapy, combined with the knowledge I’ve attained completing my graduate degree, hands-on nursing skills, and my own rigorous fitness training experience, gives me a total understanding of the human body that is not found within either profession independently.

Holistic Therapy

My knowledge in holistic therapies of bodywork and the understanding of pathology triggers caused by diet and lifestyle in relation to a person’s overall health are key in my perspective for total wellness.

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