What Is Facilitated Stretch? 


Facilitated Stretching – What is it anyway? Think of it as a lazy version of yoga. During a facilitated stretch session, you get to completely relax  while getting stretched out! Since you aren’t working to achieve the fully extended stretch you can “let go” and get a deeper range of motion, and you can also really focus and pay attention to all areas of your body. Very much like active mindfulness! 

Every day you subject your body to stresses and awkward postures, mainly from technology usage and prolonged sitting, resulting in minor aches and pains. Health professionals are saying sitting is the new smoking – as far as your health is concerned. 


You can stretch at home right? Why come to see a massage therapist for stretching? Here’s 6 reasons you should get a facilitated stretch :  

  • The brain’s natural impulse when it feels a stretch is to say, “Stop! This is too deep and it hurts!”. Your brain’s first reaction is to tighten up the muscles and protect you. Facilitated stretching is one of the ways to overcome this response. 
  • Facilitated stretching involves flexing a muscle group at the same time you are stretching it. Our licensed massage therapists are trained which muscle groups to activate to allow you to feel the stretch while still protecting your tendons and avoid injury. 
  • Stretching increases blood supply throughout the body by increasing elasticity in muscles, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels. More circulation means more oxygen and nutrients.
  • Similar to Yoga, our facilitated stretching happens while you’re completely relaxed allowing you build body awareness. 
  • Assisted stretching delivers movements that you can’t achieve on your own, which increases flexibility, which improves mobility, leading to better performance. 
  • Improved flexibility promotes muscular balance which can help you feel taller and stand straighter. Gentle, targeted stretching can improve your posture. 

By using facilitated stretching, you will receive the benefits of every stretch without risking injury while simultaneously building body awareness. Increased flexibility and mobility can lead to improved performance in routine daily activities like lifting groceries, reaching the top shelf and just sitting at a desk all day.


Curious about how a 30 or 60 minute session would feel like? Message us to find out or book a session here! Stretching sessions are $30 for a half hour and $60 for a full hour!