Inflammation, Immunity, and the Gut Microbiome 3 CE Hr NCBTMB Approved


Arkansas (#2017-081) & NCBTMB approved! 3 Hours of CE for Massage Therapists 

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This course offers the massage therapist an in-depth look into what causes chronic inflammation, how our body’s immune system functions (and malfunctions), and the link to both pathways in our gut microbiome. Chronic inflammatory diseases are on the rise and massage therapists need to have a working knowledge of the causes in order to better serve their clients who may be struggling with a newly diagnosed illness.

New methods in health care are beginning to center around individualized approaches to treatment. Tiffany’s experience in alternative holistic therapies of bodywork and the understanding of pathology triggers in relation to a person’s overall health are a key component in her perspective for total

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Course Description:

Unit One: Inflammation and Massage

  • Define and describe the types of inflammation.
  • Define antigens and cytokines.
  • Describe the link between inflammation and free radicals.
  • Describe the impact of inflammation on each area of the body, as well as massage techniques that should be used or avoided when working with an inflamed client.

Unit Two: Gut Microbiota

  • Define gut microbiota and explain how it is established and how it functions within the body.
  • Establish the gut/ brain connection.
  • Describe leaky gut syndrome and other ways gut microbiota may become imbalanced.
  • Explain how massage can help maintain healthy gut microbiota.

Unit Three: Immunity

  • Define innate and adaptive immunity and describe the process of an immune response.
  • Define and describe the four types of hypersensitive reactions.
  • Define autoimmunity.
  • Establish the link between inflammation, gut microbiota, and immunity.
  • Explain how massage therapy can benefit clients suffering from inflammation

Unit Four: Common Inflammatory Triggers and Protocols Used in Conjunction with Massage Therapy

  • Describe common lifestyle and environmental factors that deplete healthy gut microbiota and contribute to inflammation.


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