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Inflammation, Immunity, and Gut Microbiota Course Outline

Unit One: Inflammation and Massage

  • Define and describe the types of inflammation.
  • Define antigens and cytokines.
  • Describe the link between inflammation and free radicals.
  • Describe the impact of inflammation on each area of the body, as well as massage techniques that should be used or avoided when working with an inflamed client.

Unit Two: Gut Microbiota

  • Define gut microbiota and explain how it is established and how it functions within the body.
  • Establish the gut/ brain connection.
  • Describe leaky gut syndrome and other ways gut microbiota may become imbalanced.
  • Explain how massage can help maintain healthy gut microbiota.

Unit Three: Immunity

  • Define innate and adaptive immunity and describe the process of an immune response.
  • Define and describe the four types of hypersensitive reactions.
  • Define autoimmunity.
  • Establish the link between inflammation, gut microbiota, and immunity.
  • Explain how massage therapy can benefit clients suffering from inflammation

Unit Four: Common Inflammatory Triggers and Protocols Used in Conjunction with Massage Therapy

  • Describe common lifestyle and environmental factors that deplete healthy gut microbiota and contribute to inflammation.
  • Establish that as a member of the client’s wellness team, the massage therapist should be aware of common protocols used to treat inflammation. Describe the protocols used in conjunction with massage therapy.